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It also keeps people interested in the games, by many accounts bringing the Counter-Strike series back from obscurity. But skins gambling has become increasingly inconvenient for Valve in recent months. This spring, the owners of two betting sites were accused of wagering on their own marketplaces without disclosing their ownership stakes, and the operator of another site admitted it had rigged the outcomes of some of its games to benefit a paid sponsor. A lawsuit also named Valve , alleging that it was violating gambling laws and engaging in racketeering. A federal court dismissed the case this week, but a lawyer for the plaintiffs said theyll pursue it in state court. In July , Valve sent a cease-and-desist order to 23 skins betting sites, saying they were violating its terms of service. While some shut down, others found a workaround: They began taking bets in virtual coins, which could be traded for skins, which could then be traded for cash, adding a layer of abstraction while allowing the basic activity to carry on. In late September, CSGO Lounge launched a coin-based betting system, although its not clear how it will connect to the cash economy. Green says that Valve could shut down the entire skins gambling industry instantly by restricting access to the Valve software that allows websites to trade skins.

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